About Us

“Who Are We?”

“The Harvest” Church is a life-giving, non-denominational ministry devoted to the call of “Kingdom Building” through the educating of the community with biblical based teachings on faith, family, finance and fellowship. We seek to provide an authentic, relevant, and life-changing environment for people to encounter Jesus. Our desire is to share our Faith, His Love and the Excellency of the Kingdom in everything we do.

Pastor's Message

Growing up in Birmingham, there is only one time I can remember riding the bus with my mom. The bus dropped us off in the Downtown area. I remember walking, looking at how all the buildings and structures seemed so small from far away. As we continued to walk forward, I noticed the buildings grew a tad bit bigger with each step. Once we reached our destination, I found myself in the midst of these GINORMOUS buildings. That’s how I see God and His plan for us. The closer we get to Him, the bigger and more detailed He becomes, and just as I once was in awe by the multi-story building from my youth, I am amazed by the craftsmanship of God-the ultimate creator.

-Pastor Mack V. Pippen Jr.

Our Journey

For most of our lives, Jerreka and I have known that there was “purpose” in our lives greater than our own desires. For a while, I can admit that we both tried to ignore this significant purpose. As we realized from the very start of our relationship, there was no postponing the will of God. He was simply too big to run from. In accepting God’s Word and plan for our lives, we started our journey and prioritized the action of serving God. As we continued to walk closer to God, we began to see that His call on our lives, and thus The Harvest Church was planted. We are confident in what God has called us to do, and we are blessed to see God fulfilling His purpose in us.

Meet Pastor Mack

Pastor Mack V. Pippen Jr. is the founder and senior pastor of The Harvest Birmingham, a new church plant located in Birmingham, AL. He is a third generation minister of the Gospel with a heart to teach in simplicity and power. Pastor Mack has a desirous hunger for both educating and learning and is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Grace School of Theology. He is honored to be married to Lady Jerreka Pippen and they are the proud parents of two adult sons, Jerrell and Mackell.

Join Our Launch Team

“The HARVEST” will be re-launching our public worship services on Sunday August 01, 2021. In the meantime, we are looking for individuals to partner with us on our launch team.

So what is a “Launch Team”?

A Launch team is a group of people committed to helping to start the church. These are not attendees or pew sitters. Warm bodies don’t count. The best way to tell if someone is a part of a launch team is to ask yourself, what area of service they are responsible for? If the answer is none, they are not on the launch team. Launch team members are people who will assist and fill key ministry roles. If you would like more information about how you can be a part of our launch team, simply fill out and submit the form below. You can also email us using the button below!